Ridingboots fetish

My New Riding Partner, Chapter 5, Show Time

By: Cleo Jones

The last week before the show raced by. Lisa has said we should go to the stables on Friday afternoon, with overnight things and Jane's new outfit, ready to go, it was going to be a long drive to the show.

When we got to the stables Lisa had loaded the horses in to what seemed to be a combination of horse box and motor home.

"Magnificent isn't it," Lisa called as she saw us getting out of the car. "Hope abroad, we're ready to go."

With this David and I climbed in and took the two passenger seats at the front. Lisa jumped in to the drivers seat and we were off.

Lisa was right, it was a long way, and when we arrived at the show ground it must have been 2 in the morning.

For the first time ever, the three of us went to bed in the same room with out having sex.

David and Lisa soon fell a sleep, I lay there wondering what tomorrow would bring.

I have found over the years that if I can't get to sleep, there is only one thing to do.. Wank!!

A bit of light masturbation leading to a quiet orgasm helps relax me when I'm in a strange place, I found this out when I was 14. I was staying at a friend's house, and I could not get to sleep, I had a big crush on her 17-year-old brother Jason and as I lay there thinking about him I began to get small tingly feelings between my legs. I licked the middle finger of my right hand and began to rub slowly and gently, but I had to be very quiet as I was in the same room as my friend.

Slowly rubbing back and forth, resisting the urge to get harder and faster to get the orgasm I wanted so badly. I kept it up for what seemed like hours, images of Jason racing through my mind, his strong hands on my body, his lips on my nipples and his fingers getting to all the right places. I had a little shudder and let out a quiet sigh as the tingles that had been between my legs shot through my whole body.

I lay there in the horsebox remembering those happy days of discovery, slowly and gently rubbing my self until I let out a soft gasp and relaxed into my bed.

The next morning Lisa woke us both up "Cleo, I need you to help me sort the horses out and give them a bit of a walk. David, you must not show your face until you are turned into Jane, we don't want the competition getting any ideas".

And with that we got on with our jobs.

Jane was due to jump at 10 o'clock, and it was already 8. Lisa and I took the horses out, and while we were away David transformed him self into Jane. Lisa had yet to see the clothes and boot we had purchased the previous weekend so when we returned to the caravan she was met with such I sight.

"Jane.. You look wonderful. And those boots are just out of this world. But I think they need a bit of a polish". And with that Lisa got down on all fours in front of Jane and began to lick those gorgeous boots.

As she licked she began to moan quietly, and her arse began to move up and down. I could not resist and so I knelt down behind her reached my hands around her front and released the fastening on her jodhpurs, slowly rolling them down I reveled her pale but well formed back side.

I slid my hand between her legs and began to rub. She was soaking wet with her own juices, I massaged in a way that directed the up between her crack, then I began to lick her, tasting her warm, rich, sweet taste, she began to pant. I rolled on to my back, and putting my head between her legs began to lick deep and hard.

As she came she clamped my head in a vice like grip, so hard I thought my head would explode. Then came the release.

"I think they are clean enough now." Said Lisa in a matter of fact way. "We need to start grooming the horses, we only have an hour before Jane's big debut.

Jane just sat there looking stunned. "Come on Jane, we haven't got all day" I said.

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