Ridingboots fetish

My New Riding Partner, Chapter 6, Jump Off

By: Cleo Jones

We arrived at the ring just in time.

"...Just to remind you how this final jump off works.." The commentator said through the PA system, "We only have one jump in the ring, each rider will take it in turn to jump, and then the hight will be raised. The winner is the only remaining rider not to have knocked the jump down. If a rider does knock the jump down they are out, there is no second chances..."

"Bloody typical." Lisa said "this kind of competition favors men, tall men with big horses. It's not fair and it has no skill. Just watch, the pony club girls will be out first, then the women, leaving a man to win. I hope Jane can make a bit of a difference this time.

While Lisa had been ranting on the competition had started. Just as she had predicted, the pony club girls where the first out, leaving 21 riders.

As the jump was raised more riders were cast out from the ring, Lisa's prediction had been closer to the truth than I had hoped. 15 riders, then 14, but Jane was still in there, we cheered and clapped ever jump she made. This action did not go unnoticed, and when there where only 9 riders left Jane was still there, but so was Jason.

"Hi, I noticed you cheering on Miss croft." A slim woman dressed in jeans and a shirt said with a softly spoken American accent. "I'm from American Riders, a monthly publication from over the pond, I'm their European reporter. Do you know Miss Croft?"

"Yes" I replied "Lisa is her instructor, and I am a good friend."

"It's just I haven't seen here in the ring before."

"She only started to ride this year." I replied.

"No way! Your kidding me, she has a big chance to go far with talent like that." said the reporter.

While we had been talking the jump had continued to rise, and there was only 7 riders left, including Jane and Jason.

"Do you think she would give me an interview?" the reported asked.

"She is a bit shy, I tell you what, here's my e-mail address, send me a mail with questions and I'll get her to reply." I said, thinking quickly - I was going to have to teach Jane to talk more like a lady, and soon.

"OK, but can I get a picture of her?"


There where now 5 of them left in the ring, Jane approached the jump and the horse stopped dead, she walked it back round for another try, but it was no good Snowflake was not going to jump, a last try and she was out.

"...Three refusals puts Miss Croft and Snowflake out of the competition." the voice of the commentator echoed round the ring, "But give here a big hand, ladies and gentlemen, I think this is the highest we have ever had an amature rider get in this competition."

Jane rode out of the ring, we ran over to her.

"That was wonderful Jane, you really showed those men a thing or two." Lisa said triumphantly.

"This woman wants a photo of you for a magazine." I said "If that's OK."

Jane nodded and smiled, the reporter got her picture, and soon Jane was surrounded by pony club girls asking for her autograph, Jane started to sign them.

Jason rode up on his horse. "So Little Cleo, you where never good enough at riding to beat me, and neither is that friend of yours." He said in an aregan way. "Never send a woman to do a mans job thats what I say."

"I'm sorry you have to compensate for your small dick in this petty minded way." I replied - with out thinking.

The pony club girls started to giggle, "Here Mister, my dad says men who ware jodhpurs are gay." one of them shouted out, and they all burst out in fits of giggles.

Jason turned his nose in the air, turned and rode away.

What did I ever see in him, I wasted so many years dreaming about him, and he is a total ass hole.

There was one of the pony club girls stood at the back of the group, she was thin and tall, and very flat chested, she reminded me of me at a younger age - shy and unassertive. You could see through her shirt that she was waring a bra, but there was no need for one.

"Hi" I said to the girl, "Do you want to help me take Miss Croft's horse back to the box?"

"Yes please," she replied shyly "If thats not too much bother."

"Of cause not, I would not have asked if I didn't mean it, whats your name?."

"Hanna." she replied with a bit of a smile.

We walked back slowly.

"You like horses then?" I asked.

"Yes, I start at North Links College in September, doing a stable management course." She said.

"You must be 16 then." I replied.

"Yes, but every one thinks I'm 13 or 14 because I have no.... well I'm...."

Hanna looked down at here feet. I could remember the pain of those teenage years.

"Its alright," I said "I was like you when I was younger, I used to ware a bra, but it wasn't needed. I longed for boys to look at me, to talk to me, but they never did. But there is more to life than boys, and when the time is right you'll find someone, or may be you'll decided you like... erm.... well what I mean is it's alright to like any one, and they might like you as well, but don't get upset and loose your heart to someone who dosent like you because there are plenty of people out there."

It went a bit quiet, one of those odd I've said something wrong kind of silences, I never was any good at talking to teenagers..

"So, Stable Management," I said, "If err when you pass you'll have to write to use and we might be able to give you a job."

"That would be nice." Hanna said with a smile. "Miss Croft looks a nice person to work for, I bet she always gets attention wherever she goes."

"I know what you mean, she is so confident and good looking. But Lisa owns the stable, Jane is just one of her pupils."

We took the tack off Snowflake and brushed him down, and put him in the box.

"Thank you." I said "Your good with horses, I'm sure you'll pass your course."

"I hope so." Hanna replied. "And can I have you address, so I can let you know how I do."

I wrote out the address, and we said goodbye, I watched as Hanna walked away, she seemed to have more of a spring in her step. I hope I said the right things.

"So who's your little friend." Lisa said with a wink.

"She's only 16." I replied, "It's just know what its like to be a shy teenager, I just wanted to help."

"Any way, while you've been chatting up young girls, Jane and I have had a visit from the man on the Landrover stand, he saw Jane riding and wants to give us a sponsorship deal." Lisa exclaimed in an excited manor.

This was great news, but maybe we would have to make Jane a bit more of a perminant fixture. Not sure what David would think of that, or his mother!!!

We climbed on bored the horsebox and drove home.

When we got back to the stables we unloaded the horses and retired to Lisa's front room.

"Well Jane, you did so well in your first competition, so Lisa and I thought we would give you a little surprise".

I winked at Lisa, and took a bottle of massage oil from my bag.

"Its alright," I said "Just slip your clothes of and lie back."

Jane took off her clothes, showing that David had returned.

Lisa and I knelt either side of David and began to rub his body with oil.

His man hood grew, pleased to be free of that tight gusset. Lisa lent forwards and began to kiss his bell end. Slowly kissing turned to sucking, and David began to moan with pleasure.

He raised both of his hands and with a cunt in each hand he worked his fingers in time, so Lisa and I both got stimulation.

Lisa's sucking got harder and faster until David's body jolted with orgasm, Lisa sat up, swallowed and licked her lips "You taste good today David." she said with a broad smile.

I lent forwards and licked his now small and shriveled penis, the taste of the sperm mixed with sweat added to a slight smell of leather from the saddle sent goose bumps down my back.

I stoked David's penis and it began to grow again, I mounted him, and on seeing this Lisa knelt facing me over David's face. She lent forward and began to kiss me, slowly and passionately, as she did I reached my hands up and began to explore her breasts.

Lisa's nipples where hard as diamonds, her large fleshy tits where soft and warm, I broke from our kiss and began to caress and kiss them, I wish I had nipples like these.

Mean while David was licking Lisa, and I was Fucking David, this was such an amazing triangle of passion, the three of us moved together as one, harder, faster.

Lisa reached her hands to my breasts. "Cleo, your breasts are so firm and smooth, I wish I had such a neat and well formed pair, can I suck them."

I stopped playing with her tits and sat up right, in partial amazement. Lisa worked her way round each of my nipples softly stroking and kissing them, as she did this they began to harden, they felt different than before, I reached hand up and felt one, it was harder that I could ever remember, I kept stroking my nipple, feeling its new found size and hardness as Lisa kept kissing the other.

David was obviously working hard with his tong, Lisa seemed to be on the brink, and I wasn't far off either.

Lisa sat up "Cleo," she said in a breathless voice "When I shout now I want you to squeeze my nipples as hard as you can, and David I want you to put a finger up my ass now and pull it out at the same time as I shout."

Lisa began to moan and pant, she was working both of my nipples now, my hands where ready on hers. I began to feel the start of my orgasm, I fort hard to hold it off, it was getting closer and bigger, I began to gasp for air, my eyes watered and my legs began to shake.

"NOW!!" shouted Lisa.

I pinched her nipples as hard as I could, she did the same to me, the pain from Lisa pinching my nipples hit with a massive orgasm, the type of which I had never had before. The feelings of pleasure and pain combined together to produce such an amazing feeling, I felt David's cum shoot up me, this added to the feelings to make it even better than anything I could ever wish for.

We all cried out together as we came, and the collapsed in a heap.

"Now thats what I call an orgasm." Lisa said "any one for a cup of tea?"


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