Ridingboots fetish

My New Riding Partner, Chapter 4, Getting Ready

By: Cleo Jones

Life began to get busy, David in the guise of Jane was entered in her first show jumping competition and so had started having lessons three or four times a week. She always had the last lesson of the day, so when it was over and the horses had been tended to we would stay on a while at Lisa's house and I'll leave you to imagine how we spent our time, but I was getting very fit from all this riding and I hadn't even got on a horse in three weeks!!!

When it got to the weekend before the show, I transformed David into Jane, but this time dressed him in a crisp white blouse and my pleated red tartan kilt, with a pair of black stockings and flat shoes to
match. I didn't think he was quite ready for heels, but it would have shown his legs of well, and I topped the look off with a French plat. Then I took Jane shopping to the tack shop in the local town to pick
out a nice black show jacket and pair of white jodhpurs. Jane picked out what she wanted and we went to the counter.

"Hello Cleo, is this your new friend I have heard so much about?" said Mrs Matthews from behind the counter, Jane shot a worried look in my direction. "I hear from Lisa that she is one of the best pupils she
has ever had, rode like a natural from day one. Some people have all the luck, if I was that good I wouldn't need to run this shop to make a living."

I nodded "Yes it's quite remarkable, which is why we are here, Jane has her first show jumping competition next weekend and needs do look smart to impress the judges."

"You have such wonderfully long legs Jane, if you ask me all of the men won't be able to them out of their minds. You had better try what you have on just to make sure they fit, you know where the changing room is don't you Cleo?"

I led Jane to the back of the shop, "I can't do this Cleo, what if she sees? What if something slips out?" David whispered to me. "Oh be quiet, as far as she knows you are Jane, just keep your mouth shut and get changed."

With that I pushed David errrr. Jane into the changing room. After a short white Jane made her entrance, and those white jodhpurs did just the trick to show of those wonderful long legs.

"Now lets have a look at you." Mrs Matthews beckoned Jane over to the counter, "very nice dear, are you going to give we a twirl?"

With that Jane did her catwalk bit, white jodhpurs definitely look best from behind..

"I think that there is a mark on the bottom of that pair." And with that Mrs Matthews walked over, bent down "It's just a bit of dust." And she began brushing Jane's bottom with her hand, you should of seen Jane's face it was a picture, she was obviously enjoying it, but at the same time worried that Mrs Matthews hand may find the truth about what relay lay between her legs.

"You have wonderfully firm legs, you must work out." Mrs Matthews's hands began to wander down Jane's thighs and the she suddenly cast an embarrassed look in my direction and stood upright.

"There is some thing missing, just wait there." And with that she went of to the store room.

"I saw that, how could you get excited by her, she must be 20 years older than you?"

"Sorry, its just the way she touched me, her touch was so soft and tender. Any way I think she is quite good looking."

"She is a happily married woman with two grown up children, how can you say such a thing?"

"Here we are dear," said Mrs Matthews to Jane "I noticed that you had quite big feet, not wanting to be rude or any thing, but there aren't that many women with big feet, so these have just sat in the stock room gathering dust."

She handed Jane an old cardboard box. Jane opened it. Inside where a pair of shiny black, hand crafted leather riding boots. The workmanship was incredible. Jane ran her fingers over them. "Put them on dear, see how they feel"

Jane took the right boot and slid it over her foot and up the leg, it seemed to fit like a glove, and then the second, she walked round the shop slowly. The enhanced the way her legs looked and the way the light caught the shiny polished leather was beyond this world.

"They have been in this shop for 15 years, after 10 years I decided that I could never sell them to any one and I would wait for the right person to come along, kind of like a Cinderella story". This seemed like too good of an opportunity to turn down, "So it must be time for Price Charming to kiss Cinders" I said.

And too our disbelief Mrs Matthews nodded, walked up and kissed Jane on the cheek, Jane's left hand reached up and was guided by Mrs Matthews to her breasts, Jane began stroking them and their kissing grew more intense. I wasn't sure where to put my self, but then Mrs Matthews looked up and beckoned me over.

"I haven't done any thing like this in years," she said, "not since I was at public girls school, If I lie on my back, the two of you can give me a good time, if you like that is."

Mrs Matthews lay down and Jane and I knelt down either side, I undid her blouses and Jane lifted her skirt, then each taking a tit we began to stroke and pinch with one hand each. Jane, with her other hand slid down Mrs Matthews panties and began to finger her, and with my other hand I began to finger her anus.

Mrs Matthews was beginning to moan, and she began moving her hand up my skirt, past the top of my stockings and then. "Ooooh you naughty girl Cleo, you forgot to ware any knickers today", Her fingers set to work on me and I could feel myself beginning to get realy turned on.

Mrs Matthews then reached up to Jane and with one hand managed to undo her jodhpurs, and then before I could say any thing she undid the gusset of Jane's corset and out sprang David's dick, red and throbbing."

"What the hell is that," cried Mrs Matthews, "I knew you where too tall and had too long legs to be for real, it's a pity. Oh well you had better fuck me you stallion."

And with that David began to fuck her, harder and harder, faster and faster until they came as one.

David rolled off her on to his back.

"You can't make a mess on your knew jodhpurs." I said. And with that I began licking the mix of sperm and female juices from his penis. As I did this, Mrs Matthews took a new yellow riding crop for a shelf, at the handle end it had a metal cap, and with this she pulled up my skirt and started inserting it rhythmically into my cunt, getting faster and faster.

It felt good, and I was just on the brink when she the lent forwards and began to lick my anus ring, it was as she did this I couldn't help but scream as an almighty orgasm ripped through my body.

We lay in a heap together for a while to catch our breath.

"You know dear, Jane remind me of my self at her age, quiet, shy, incredible legs and a grate rider, enjoy it while you can. There's no charge, lets call it sponsorship, and you'll have to let me know how you get on. In fact be sure to come here again soon."

We left the shop and got back into my car "You lucky basted," I said, "Until a week ago I was the best at riding, I was the good looking one, I was the one with promise."

"Sorry." Said David in a sheepish way.

"How is it that women seem to throw them selves at you?"

David smiled a little This was the second woman I had shared David with now,
what was going to happen next, I wondered.

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