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My New Riding Partner, Chapter 3, A Lesson to Far

By: Cleo Jones

Things had been going well, David or rather Jane had been progressing well with the riding lessons. Each week I would transform David into Jane and another lesson would take place followed by great sex when we got home.

This pattern continued for a month or so, but on one Wednesday just after David had become Jane and we were about to leave the phone rang.

"Hello... Yes.. My mother... Which hospital.. I'll be right there." I put the phone down and turned to Jane "You'll have to go alone this time, my mother has fallen down the stairs and I have to go to hospital."

I dropped Jane off at the riding school gate and then drove to the hospital as quick as I could. After waiting around for what seemed like forever my mother appeared, "The nice doctor said I was very lucky, just a few bruises that's all." She said.

I took her home, by this time it was late so there was no point going to the riding school, instead I went straight home, but as I pulled in to the drive I noticed some thing was wrong - all the lights where still off.

I opened the front door, all was quiet and the light was flashing on the answering machine. I pressed play.

"Hi Cleo, it's me Lisa, can you come here quickly there has been an accident, and I think you should know that I don't think your friend Jane is who she says she is."

I ran out of the house and back in the car and drove to the riding school as quick as I could.

Lisa was waiting at the door or the house.

"Come in quickly." Said Lisa.

Once in side she began to tell be what happened. "Jane was doing really well, we started doing some jumping, but then a jet flew low over the riding school and the horse got scared. Jane fell off and the horse kicked her, she lay there motionless on the ground, but as I went over I saw that here tits seem to have gone. Her tits where just water filled condoms, I dragged her into a stable and tied her up. That is when I phoned you".

I felt a little embarrassed and began to explain to Lisa about how Jane was really my boy friend David, and how dressing up in my Jodhpurs turned him on.

Lisa began to laugh "So you made him take riding lessons for fun, well he had me fooled. That also explains why Jane never spoke."

"Just one question Lisa" I said, "Where is he now".

"He is still tied up in a stable" she replied "I thought he was some kind of mad pervert."

We went out side and Lisa led me to the stable he was in. He lay there motionless, bound hand and foot, and gagged as well.

I ran over "David are you alright?" I cried.

He seemed to be out cold, I untied him and we carried him back to the house. Lisa led us up stairs to her room, where we laid him on her bed.

I kissed him, and as in all good stories he opened his eyes. "Hello Cleo." He said slowly "I had such a bad dream. I dreamt you made me dress up as a woman and go horse riding and I fell off the horse and got knocked out." Then he smiled a little "but it wasn't all bad this beautiful woman took me to the stables and tied me up. Once she had tied me up she pulled down my jodhpurs and pulled out my dick, I got a hard on and she pulled down her jodhpurs and lowered her self slowly on to my man hood."

I looked round at Lisa, she was looking very embarrassed, "Go on David" I said.

"She was so sexy, I undid her blouse and began playing with her tits, her nipples where big and hard, and then she did the most incredible thing - she sat there motionless but the muscles in her vagina seemed to be moving, squeezing, harder, softer, but she still remained motionless. I was the most wonderful fuck I ever had. Too bad it was just a dream."

David sat up "Err. Cleo where am I, and why does my head hurt so much."

He then looked round and saw Lisa. "She's real, not a dream." He blurted out "I.... What happened."

I got up and grabbing Lisa by the arm I dragged her out of the room. "You bitch, how could you do that to my David"

"If you hadn't started your perverted little game, none of this would have happened." She snapped back, "any way, some times I get lonely, I seem to scare most men off."

"So what do we do know?" I asked.

"Well I'll go and make a cup of tea, you had better make sure the patient is OK."

I went back to the bedroom, David was still lying there in a daze, I decided to make him smile a little. Opening Lisa's drawers I found a pair of silk panties, a silk shirt and a pair of white jodhpurs. The jodhpurs where a bit tight, but I new David liked them that way.

I walked over to the bet and pulled down his jodhpurs, I began playing with his penis, he slowly opened his eyes, "You look stunning dressed like that Cleo." And his man hood agreed. I lowered the jodhpurs, pulled the silk panties to one side and began to fuck him.

The door opened, Lisa stood there holding a tray of tea and biscuits. "You little bitch Cleo - those are my best show jodhpurs. She put the tray down and picked up a riding crop.

"It looks like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson or two." Lisa snarled.

She raised the riding crop and brought it down hard on to my buttocks, again and again.

"Now the lesson will begin," Lisa said, "Cleo if you are riding you must sit up right."

With this statement she got on to the bed and knelt behind me, she straightened my shoulders and then reached her hands under my arms and began feeling my breasts. "Ooooh Cleo your breasts feel so nice and soft. I want to get a better look".

She moved round until she was facing me, and lowered her cunt to David's mouth. He began to lick her, and as he did I felt his pines stiffen and grow in side me. Cleo unbuttoned my silk shirt and began to kiss and lick my nipples. This was so exciting, I had never had a women touch me like this before, I got more and more excited until my body was consumed in wave upon wave of multiple orgasm.

"Right" said Lisa, "now it's my turn to show you how it's done."

We swapped places, David began licking me slowly as Lisa sat on him motionless, he began to moan and shake, Lisa took the longest finger on my right hand and pushed it up inside her, along side David's throbbing Dick"Feel that" she said, "feel the way my muscles pulse and spasm." It felt incredible.

By this time her nipples had swollen in size and I had to release them, I unbuttoned her shirt and scooped out each breast from its bra cup. I began to lick and suck her diamond hard tips, David was going wild beneath us as he and Lisa came together at the same time.

We both fell back on the bed, I just lay there thinking how sex just seemed to get better every day.

The next morning Lisa woke first and went to tend to the horses, once done she called David and I down for breakfast.

"Good morning" she said in a cheery way "I hope you both enjoyed last night, and Cleo I hope you are not mad with me for fucking David before you got here."

How could I complain, she was the first woman I had shared him with, and I had enjoyed it.

"Any way" Lisa continued, "before yesterday I was going to enter Jane into a show jumping competition, so which name do I put on the entry form now David or

I looked at David, I knew which he would enjoy more
"Jane." I said.

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