Ridingboots fetish

My New Riding Partner, Chapter 2, Taking Lessons

By: Cleo Jones

"yes 5 o'clock will do just fine Lisa, and I'll bring my new friend Jane along.. Bye" I put the phone down and turned to David, "Right we have four hours to turn you into Jane. You take a bath and shave of all that unsightly hair, I have to go shopping."

I left the house and drove to the local town first stopping at the tack shop. I picked out a nice pair of cream jodhpurs, a pair of shiny black riding boots , a beautiful dressage shirt and a riding hat.

Next stop was Marks and Spencer for one of those tight fitting, all in one, body shaping corsets, the kind that your mother wore in the 50's, we don't want anything slipping out.

Finally to the chemists for some condoms, a hair net and some deep red lip stick.

When I got back to the house David was washed and cleanly shaven, he had even shaved his legs, which was going a bit further than needed, but they did feel nice and smooth.
First I dressed him in his new underwear, filling two of the condoms with water and placing the in the bra cups of the corset. Next he put on the shirt, its collar covering his adams apple nicely, then the jodhpurs and boots.

I put his hair in the hair net and then put some make up on, first a bit of foundation, some eye liner and shadow, and then taking the new lipstick I had selected for him, I gave him the final touches.

I led him over to the mirror, "Say hello to Jane" I said, "Cleo's new friend who want's to start taking riding lessons."

David stood their speechless, I think this meant I had done a good job.

David, or Jane as he now was, picked up her new riding hat and we walked to the car.

"Hi Cleo, is this your new friend?" said Lisa.

"This is Jane, she has problems speaking due to a slight throat infection, but she can under stand every thing very well and you should find her a quick learner." I said, giving David a reason not to try and put on a woman's voice and blow his cover.

"Well Jane, if you'd like to come over here and meet Trixie, she is a nice quiet horse we use for beginners."

Lisa led Jane to the horse and helped her up. Then she led Trixie and Jane through the gate and the lesson began.

Jane proved to be a fast learner, I sat on the fence watching them.

"So Jane, for the last part of your first lesson we will try going a little faster, lets try a sitting trot, you just hold on." Lisa shouted.

Trixie began to trot, Jane's face began to go red, she gritted her teeth, I was sure I could see a bulge appearing in the crotch area and hoped that Lisa didn't notice. "Relax Jane, and enjoy it" I shouted from the fence, I saw a sudden judder go through Jane and then she relaxed.

"Good Girl" Lisa said as she led Trixie and Jane out through the gate. "You can dismount now, that was good for a first time, will we see you next week?"

Jane smiled and nodded, we climbed back into my car and drove home in silence.

We got home, and went up stairs to our bedroom to change Jane back in to David.

"I saw that" I said in my stern voice "You came in your new jodhpurs didn't you?"

"Yes" said David humbly.

"You know what I'm going to have to do don't you."

"Yes" David replied.

"Yes Miss Cleo!" I corrected.

"Now you have had your fun, it's now my turn. Kneel before me slave" I commanded.

"Yes Miss Cleo" said David.

As he knelt before me I lifted my skirt and pulled the front of my thong to one side reviling my pink, moist pussy. "Lick!" I instructed.

He began slowly licking, "Faster. Harder." I cried.

With this he raised his right hand up in-between my legs and while still licking my clit he started fingering me with first one finger, then two, three and four until he was pushing his whole hand in. Then without prompting he picked up my riding crop in his left hand and began inserting it in my ass, it felt wonderful being turned on in three different ways at once.

My knees began to shake, grabbing his head I pushed in hard in to my cunt, at the same time David thrust upwards with his hands bringing my orgasm to an explosive climax.

Our love life had started a new chapter and I was in control, I now had two lovers in one David and Jane.

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