Ridingboots fetish

My New Riding Partner, Chapter 1, A New Way to Ride

By: Cleo Jones

"Isn't it a shame about your young David..." said Mrs. Harper-Smith in a concerned way.

"Errrm what about my David?" I replayed.

"Why him and that young woman, didn't you know? I heard it from Mrs. Norton at the Post Office and she heard it from Mrs. Row, you now, who lives next door to you."

Why is it that when you boy friend starts playing away you are the last to know, and now it was all round the village.

I decided to confront Mrs. Row and see if it was true, I had to know.

"Come in dear." Said Mrs. Row "I think you'll be needing a cup of tea first."

"Thank you" I replied, taking a seat on the sofa "Is it true? About David?"

"Well, I haven't seen the woman properly yet, she must sneak in and out very quietly, but on Wednesday mornings after you go to work I see your bedroom curtains shut, but some times I catch a glimpse of her through a gap. She is a tall woman with long black hair, a bit like your young David has his. Some times I hear noises as well."

Mrs. Row was a nosey old bat at the best of times, but it looks like she could have her good side.

"Thank you, I think I need to go and have some time alone if that's alright." I said, trying to get away before I began to cry, this could not be happening to me, I thought he loved me.

How could he do some thing like this to me, he told me on Wednesday he had to go to the college to study for a diploma, but it looks like it was all a big front.

The next Wednesday, which I had arranged to have the day of work, I decided to catch the guilty pair at it. I left for work in the normal way. I drove down the road a bit and then stopped the car so I could see the front of our house, and hoped that David could not see me.

Sure enough at 9:30 the curtains closed, I got out of the car and slowly walked towards the house, the bedroom curtain was not quite closed, I could just make out back of a woman, who seemed to be dressed only in a bra and french knickers. Mrs. Row was right, this little minx slipped in the house with out being noticed.

So, I thought to my self, the only thing to do was to sneak in the house and catch them at it.

I quietly opened the door, picked up my riding crop from its hook, and slowly climbed the stairs. Pausing at the door, I listened, it was very quiet, this would be the time to surprise them!

I pushed the door open, "FUCKING BASTARD BITCH GET OFF HIM NOW" I shouted.

But when I looked, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, there was David dressed in a pair of my jodhpurs, my dressage shirt, which was unbuttoned showing my red satin bra with a pair of silk stockings stuffed in either side giving a small yet soft pair of breasts.

"Cleo.. I.. Errr..Well I mean." Stammered David.

"You fucking twat, Mrs. Row from next door has spread it round the village that you are having an affair, how could you do this to me."

"Sorry.." He said again.

"How could you do this to me, what where you thinking"

"I think you look very sexy in your jodhpurs, so sexy that I thought I would try them on one day, and it just kind of went from there." He said apologetically.

"Well you've done it now!" I said in a stern voice.

I was having a hard time being nasty to him because he did look very sexy cowering in the corner, dressed in my jodhpurs.

"So if you want to ware my clothes again you will ask me won't you" by this time some naughty thoughts began going round my head.

"Now you've been a very bad boy, come over here and lie face down on the bed" I commanded.

He did as I commanded, once on the bed I instructed him to pull the jodhpurs down, he did this reviling a pair of red silk French knickers he had brought for me last Valentines Day. I pulled them down and then raising my riding crop I brought it down as hard as I could on his naked bottom. He gave a whimper and a red line appeared where I had struck him.

Feeling my new found power I brought the crop down again and again. To my amazement his penis began to swell, reaching down I felt it throbbing in my hand, I rolled him over, pulled up my skirt, climbed on to the bed and began to ride him.

His dick seemed stronger and harder than ever before, it was like I could feel every pulsating vain through the walls of my vagina.

We rolled over so he was on top, he began to pump harder now, his long main of hair tossing around, I picked up the riding crop and slowly started massaging his anus, he began to gasp as I inserted it, deeper and deeper, in and out.

I was getting short of breath, I could feel it starting at my toes and fingers, gaining power as the feeling rushed to my vagina where it exploded into multiple orgasm.

We both let out a scream as we came in unison, it was the best sex we had ever had.

We just lay there for a while catching our breath.

"Hey Cleo, you still mad at me" asked David.

"Well you get points for great sex, but you have embarrassed in the eyes of the whole village." I replied, "For this you must do as I command."

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