Ridingboots fetish

New Year, Chapter 2, Cleo's Resolution

By: Cleo Jones

New year was not a good time to be single, I thought, as I lay awake. I had not been sleeping well for the last few months, not since that rat Phil had walked out on me, and then to find him and Emma had been sleeping together before that, it still made me angry.

There was nothing for it; if I couldn't sleep, I might as well get up.

The only good thing to of happed due to these early mornings was that I had more spent more time riding. Horse riding gave me such a sense of freedom as long as I was on a horse, I didn't care about anything.

The stables always opened early, so I pulled on my jodhpurs, sports bra, and white shirt, and pulled on the new riding boots I had treated myself for Christmas. It was only a short drive to the local stables.

"Hi Cleo, I thought it might be you when I heard the car. Max is ready to go out, I know he is your favourite". Milli said. "Another bad night?"

I nodded.

"He's gone, you should try to get on with your life, don't let him spoil it for you, you should try again with someone new". Milli said in here usual caring manner.

She was right, but what man would want me, I had been dumped by an fuck-wit who said he loved me and now I was alone and I couldn't see how I get out of this hole I was in.

I thanked Milli, and taking his saddle and bridle from the tack room, went to prepare Max.

Max was a wonderful Chestnut colour and he was such a nice calm horse, always willing to do as I commanded.

I mounted, and walked down the lane until I came to the bridal way. It was quite cold - my nipples had told me this, but it did not matter I was alone and free.

As I rounded the corner my perfect space had been broken, there was a man jogging along in Lycra shorts, he looked a bit silly, but he had ruined my day already. I will stop and shout at him for running here, shouldn't he be running around the park any way.

I stopped Max next to him, he looked round, I watched as he looked at me, his eyes traveling up from my boots, up my legs and then resting on my breasts. His eyes rested here for a while, and as he did, I could see something move in his Lycra shorts, the dirty old man, well dirty young actually.

He looked quite cute standing there staring up at me, with that look of longing.

Maybe Milli was right, maybe it was time to act and get over Phil.

I dismounted and walked toward him, he looked like he was about to say something, don't spoil the moment, please. I raised my hand to my lips "Shhhh".

I was standing next to him, I could feel his warmth, smell the fresh sweat, I reached a hand down and ran it up his inside leg until it reached his throbbing manhood, I began to rub him slowly.

He was still staring at my tits. I had never thought of them as being that grate, in fact Phil had always told me how small they were, I suppose that's why he left me for big boobs Emma. No, don't think of that; just enjoy the moment.

He raised his hand and reached for my left breast, I was not ready for this, and pushed him away, he tried again, but I was not ready to be touched by a man. But maybe he just wants a better view.

I awkwardly unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it aside, and unhooked my bra - thank god for front fastening sports bars.

This was obviously the right thing to do as he let out a gasp. It was so wonderful to have this reaction from a man; there was hope for me yet.

I rubbed him harder, his legs began to shake, and he let out a cry and his dick went moist and limp.

It had been along time since I had made a man orgasm, and even longer since I had tasted one.

I took off my riding hat and knelt down, peeling the Lycra shorts down, I was met with the smell of fresh cum, I began to lick his sperm fist from his shorts and then from his cock and balls, it was warm and sticky, and had that familiar salty metallic taste.

Soon he was clean, I stood up, he was stood with this cute stunned look on his face. I did up my bra and shirt, put my hat on, mounted Max and rode away.

I was sure he shouted something, but it got lost in the rushing wind in my ears as I cantered on along the path.

When I got back to the stables, I felt wonderful, it was like I had broken a curse.

"You look better for a ride." Said Milli when she saw me.

"Yes" I replied, "You are right, I should get on with my life. My new year's resolution is to get a new man."

"Good, I'm glad you have decided that." Milli said, a grin widening on her face, "And I know just the man, his name is Robert, his will be here at 10 to go for a ride, and I'm sure Max will be ready to go out again by then."

I felt so much better about my self already.

"You had better wipe that breakfast cereal off your chin before he gets here though." Milli said.

I hope I didn't look too embarrassed; I had not eaten any breakfast this morning.


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