Ridingboots fetish

New Year, Chapter 1, John's Resolution

By: Cleo Jones

Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep Beeeeep. The alarm woke John with a jolt, it was still cold and dark outside, He turned over and closed his eyes again.

"Get up." Sandra said, still half asleep.

"Wherrrrr." John replied, as he tried to recapture his dream.

"You said it was your new year's resolution to go jogging every morning." Sandra said, the irritation of being woken up finding its way into her voice.

She was right thought John, as he got out of bed and started fumbling around in the dresser for some clothes to pull on. All that came to hand was an old tee shirt and a pair of Lycra cycling shorts - a left over from last year's resolution.

He pulled on the shorts and top and stumbled his way, half asleep, to the back door, pulled on his new trainers and stepped out into the cold morning half-light.

After a short jog along the road John turned off down a bridal way, the ground was softer here than on the road, which made running a lot easier.

As he jogged along, he heard the sound of horses' hooves catching him up, using this as an excuse for a quick break he pulled over to the side and waited for the horse to pass, but it slowed and stopped.

Looking round he saw a tall slender woman sat astride a brown horse. John's eyes travelled up her, from her black riding boots, along her perfect legs wrapped in tight cream coloured jodhpurs, up to her neat and rounded breasts. Pausing at this sight he was sure her nipples had begun to stick out slightly, and as he thought about this his penis began to take on a life of its own.

His eyes continued the journey up her slender neck to her well-defined face.

She got of her horse and walked toward him.

John opened his mouth, about to make a polite comment about the weather, but the woman lifted her finger to her lips. "Shhhh".

She stopped right next to him and ran her black-gloved fingers up his inside leg until her hand cupped his now hard dick.

She started rubbing him though his tight Lycra shorts, his breathing got heavier, as he became more aroused.

John found himself looking at her tits, and had a burning desire to touch them, to caress them, but as he raised his hand the woman pushed it away at the last moment with her free hand. He tried a second time, and the same thing happened.

But she obviously realized John's fascination, and with her free hand she slowly unbuttoned her shirt reviling her white sport bra, she pulled the shirt open and unhooked the front fastening bra.

John gasped as her pert breasts popped out, each topped off with a diamond hard nipple.

His legs began to shake, it was all getting too much, he could not hold back any longer, he let out a cry as his body shook with orgasm.

She looked at him and smiled, then taking off her black riding hat, she knelt and peeling his Lycra shorts down began to lick the cum from them and then from between his legs.

John just stood there in stunned silence; he had never had such a wonderful experience before.

When he was clean, she stood up again, now with a big grin on her face, she fastened her bra and buttoned her shirt, put riding hat on, mounted and was soon gone.

"Will I see you again?" John shouted as the horse and rider cantered off down the path.

John was not sure what had just happened to him, and not knowing how long he had been, he pulled up his shorts and jogged back home.

Sandra was sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast, when John got back.

"You look like you had a good run." She said.

"Yeah," John replied, but as to how good it was, he could never tell her.

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