Ridingboots fetish

Louise, Chapter 2, Slap

“So you think that what I’m doing now is what you deserve, is that right, my darling?”
She slapped her again. Louise’s eyes filled with tears, but she blinked them away.
“Yes, Mistress, I deserve it”
Mrs Sterling smiled and pressed her hand over Louise’s mouth. Without warning, she slapped her hard across her abused buttocks. Louise could only give out a muffled scream. She did deserve this. She knew she did. Despite the pain she was experiencing, her clitoris pulsated, demanding this woman’s attention. Knowingly, Mrs Sterling reached between the bound knees and stroked its wetness. Louise moaned and moved her head. Mrs Sterling slapped her again, to Louise every new stroke seemed harder, causing fresh pain to already abused flesh.
“You have to be a good little girl and do what I tell you. I didn’t say you could move your head like that, did I?”
Louise shook her head, her eyes begging her Mistress to ease her torment. At last, the fingers returned to their quest. Mrs Sterling kept her hand pressed over Louise’s mouth as she plunged her fingers deep inside her, smiling with the ease at which her fingers were able to gain access.
“You’ve never had it with a woman before have you my little girl?”
In the throes of her ecstasy, Louise shook her head.
“I don’t expect you’ve ever had it with a man either?”
Again Louise shook her head.
“It doesn’t matter, my little girl. You’ll find that it’s so much better with a woman. Only a sister can know exactly what your little nubbin requires.”
She watched Louise’s excited wriggling. She concentrated on the girl’s clitoris, expertly massaging and kneading, knowing exactly when to move and how much pressure to exert. She liked being in control. She liked the knowledge of knowing that she could give pleasure, or apply pain to this girl, as and when she chose. She thought, this one is a natural submissive. She was born to it. She liked being tied up and she liked being beaten and, Mrs sterling felt for sure, when she surrendered her virginity, it would not be to any man. A pity she couldn’t deal with the girl’s deflowering herself, but time was getting on and she had her own pleasure to think about. The increased moisture on her fingers and the frenzied murmuring behind her other hand told her that Louise had achieved her satisfaction. She smiled as she withdrew her fingers noting the creamy wetness, she sucked at them greedily. She removed her hand from across Louise’s mouth.
“Now, my darling it is your Mistresses turn. I am going to teach you how to put that pretty mouth to good use!”
Mrs Sterling straightened herself up, standing over Louise, she began to untie the restricting ropes. Once Louise was free of the bound rope, she relaxed her shoulders slightly to release some of the tension that had built up. “You will now give me pleasure! First you will take my riding boots off.”
In saying this, Louise watched as Mrs Sterling walked over to the bales of straw that were stacked in a corner of the stable, and sat down. Her right booted leg was raised, “Don’t just stand there girl, get over here and remove my boots!” Louise rushed over to where her Mistress was, kneeling before her, she did as she was told. After taking off her Mistresses black riding boots, Louise leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on her Mistresses hips. She wanted to kiss her. Mrs Sterling sensed this already. With a swift movement of her hand she slapped Louise full across the face.
“Don’t you ever make a move without my permission again girl!” “Now remove my jodhpurs. You have a lot to learn I see”
Louise’s cheek stung like fire. She was going to have to be more careful in future. She did not want to upset her Mistress, deep down Louise secretly knew just what she was capable of. All Louise wanted to do was to give pleasure to her Mistress. Louise slowly began taking the jodhpurs off her Mistress, pealing them away from her firm body, they were such a tight fit. Like a second skin. Louise gazed at her Mistresses silky thighs, which were nicely tanned, also noting that she wore no pants. This aroused Louise, her clit was still throbbing with a warm glow left over from her orgasm. Mrs Sterling watched Louise’s facial expression, smiling to herself in the knowledge that she knew Louise desired and admired her body.
Once Mrs Sterling’s clothes were removed, Louise still kneeling before her, looked into her Mistresses face, waiting for instructions as what to do next. She did not have to wait long.
“Don’t just look at my pussy girl! Get your head between my legs. Show me what you can do, and if you do it wrong I will tell you… be sure of that!”
Louise did not need to be told twice. Placing her hands lightly on her Mistresses thighs, gently pushing them apart, so she could get her head between them. Mrs Sterling, leaned back on her elbows looking up to the ceiling of the stable awaiting the pleasure of this girl’s delightful tongue
Louise was tentatively flicking her tongue to the outside of her Mistresses pussy, she could smell the sweetness that awaited her tongue’s penetration. Placing small little kisses every now and then to soft pussy lips, was making Louise so very excited. She wished she could be pleasured again by her Mistress. But she knew that would not be so again just now, it was her Mistresses turn to enjoy pleasure, after all that was why she was there. To give pleasure.
Mrs Sterling was luxuriating in the sensation happening between her legs, given by this lovely girl. Her clitoris pulsated and tingled with every flick of Louise’s tongue. Mrs Sterling thought, this girl is a natural!! “So much for needing to teach you how to pleasure me, Louise. You are a natural!”
As Louise looked up from between her Mistresses legs, she was slightly shocked to notice Mrs Sterling was watching her at work on her pussy. Louise could see the smile in her eyes, smiling with excitement. This feeling of giving pleasure encouraged Louise to lick and suck more at this beautiful pussy in front of her. Mrs Sterling started to move her hips, thrusting forward, trying to bury herself into Louise’s face, this was making breathing slightly difficult for her. Her own desires were rising again.
“Ah, that’s good Louise. Push your tongue into my pussy, lick up my juices!” Louise obliged her Mistress. God! Louise thought she tastes so good. Such sweet juices started dancing on Louise’s taste buds. She had never tasted anything like it. It made her wonder if all women tasted this good! As Louise continued to eat at her Mistresses pussy, Mrs Sterling was wriggling around more than before, her excitement was sending shivers through her body, murmuring noises, groans and gasps of breath escaping out of her mouth.
“Finger me for god sake Louise!. Push them deep inside me!” Pulling her head back away from the very wet pussy, Louise started to insert a finger into the warm hole of sweetness. Mrs sterling let out a gasp of delight! In and out Louise’s finger went, then she inserted another. Realising her Mistress was extremely excited by this intrusion, Louise inserted yet another finger, continuing to push back and forth, in and out, her thrusting was exciting her Mistress, taking her to greater heights. Her breathing becoming faster as Louise thrust deeper and harder into the slippery wet hole. Louise was vigorously pumping away at the little pussy in front of her, all the time watching her Mistress writhing and twisting on the bales of straw. Her nipples were hard and poking through the white T-shirt, unrestricted by a bra. They were firm and well rounded, gently moving about. Her back was arched, hips pushed forward, trying to get as much of Louise’s fingers deep inside her as possible.
Then it came, catching Louise unaware. Mrs Sterling half sat up. Her hand moved like lightning through the air, grabbing a hand full of Louise’s hair. Forcing her head down between her legs again.
“Fuck me with that fucking tongue girl! Now!”
Louise lapped up the juices from her Mistresses sweet wet pussy.
Mrs Sterling could not contain herself, her juices were flowing like a river from her throbbing pussy. It sent shivers through her body as Louise licked and pushed her tongue into the depths of her Mistresses warm pussy. She tasted her Mistresses cum, sweet and warm, creamy on her tongue. Mrs Sterling let out groans of sheer pleasure as her orgasm hit it’s peak, then slowly subsided. Leaving her body wrapped in a warm delightful glow of sheer bliss. Sweat trickled between her breasts, her T-shirt wet in places.
Mrs Sterling sighed with absolute delight. Louise knelt back on the stable floor, resting her hands on her Mistresses thighs. Licking the remains of the juices from around her mouth.
Mrs Sterling sat up fully. Reaching out with her hand, she gently brushed Louise’s cheek with her fingers.
“You are a natural Louise. You and I will have so much pleasure together. It will be our little secret though.” “Remember, you will do as I request, today was just a sample of what can happen between us, if you pleasure me properly. Do you understand me Louise?”
Louise looked into her Mistresses eye’s, nodded slowly. Feeling slightly shy, at what she had performed.
Raising her voice, Mrs Sterling said “Do not nod your head at me Louise, I will not tolerate it. Speak when spoken to!” answering her Louise spoke softly “Sorry Mistress, I understand what you expect from me. I will try to be a good girl.” Mrs Sterling thought Louise’s determination would do nicely for what she had in mind.

Louise did not see her Mistress for five days. Hoping she had not displeased her Mistress, Louise went about her work at the stables. She spent her days mucking out, grooming and taking the horses for their daily exercise. Louise had two horses she was assigned to, Pablo and Zeus, they were good horses, well behaved. Though Pablo was sometimes hard to handle, Louise enjoyed the challenge he gave her. Louise was thinking about Nick who was the Stud Master in charge of all the stud horses. He was back from his travels, he had been over to Ireland on business. Though Louise had not seen him since his return.
She dismounted outside and was walking Zeus back into the stable area. Tying the reins to the post, she started to uncouple the saddle, lifting if from the horse. "Oh, there you are Louise, had a good ride?" said Nick. Louise turned to face him, her cheeks burning, eyes wide she smiled "Oh, Hi Nick, glad you are back, yes the ride was good. Thank you" "Was you trip successful?" Louise took the saddle over to its stand; she would clean it after she had finished with grooming down the horse.
"Yes, it was. Looks like we will be having one of the Mare's over to breed with that feisty little beggar that Michelle take's care of." Louise carried on with grooming Zeus while Nick chatted away about Ireland and the beautiful selection of horses they had. She loved to listen to his exploits when he was in the pub's drinking with his business colleagues, after a hard day choosing horses. It was his way of winding down, though he did seem to drink too much. Always ending up with a hang over the next day.
As he carried on talking, Louise continued brushing Zeus but watched Nick moving about the stable clearing the floor of horse muck and shovelling it into the wheelbarrow. Nick liked to help the stable-girl's to muck out, when he came back from one of his trips. He always did it in faded blue jeans, wellington boots and best of all no top. Showing off his chest, which was free of hair, tanned very firm muscles. Louise liked to watch Nick, she admired his body on several occasions. When it was full, Nick lifted the wheelbarrow by the handles and pushed it out to the courtyard. Louise was lifting one of the horse's hooves, cleaning some mud out of it, when suddenly Nick was behind her, his hands upon her waist. Louise was startled by this action, letting go of the hoof, she turned to face Nick. They were so close she could feel his exhalation on her lips. He spoke first, "I have missed you, but you know that don't you Louise?"
"I have missed you too Nick"
From day one when Louise came to work at the Sterling Stables, they had a special connection. Although Louise had not really had time to think too much about Nick while he was away, she found the lie came easy to her lips. After all she now had her Mistress to occupy her mind! Louise began to feel a bit guilty about this, she so wanted to save herself for him. Although she had not been with another man, it was a woman she had been intimate with and not he. Louise decided to keep this from him, besides she had agreed with Mrs Sterling that it was their secret. There was no way she was going to displease her Mistress, she knew how angry that would make her. Instead, Louise wrapped her arms around Nick's neck they kissed passionately. Holding her tightly to himself, he pushed his groin into her. She could feel his already hard cock. Her little bud started to throb.
"How about it, my little Louise? Shall I bring you to orgasm? Would you like that?"
"What here Nick?"
"Yes, my love" Nick took her hand and lead her towards the back part of one of the stables, to where the straw was freshly laid. Louise was looking at him there could be no denying the sexual excitement Nick's appearance was creating. Always the master of effect, Nick kept his eyes on Louise. Slowly but with urgency they undressed each other, clothes slipping to the floor. Naked they stood before each other, hands running up and down the body in front of them. Nick was gentle with her, he took his time to pleasure her. Although they had never actually had penetrated sex before. Today was going to be it. She could feel it. She would give herself to him completely. Nick, she knew was experienced when it came to the female population, she did not know what to expect.
"I'm going to give you such pleasure Louise. You do trust me don't you?" Nick said looking down at her sweet pretty face. "I trust you Nick" Louise answered shyly.
Nick lay her on the floor of straw, it felt prickly against her back. She remembered the last time she lay on a bed of straw and wondered if it would be the same with Nick as it was with her Mistress. Somehow she doubted it. How would he take her? What will it be like? These thoughts ran through her mind as Nick knelt by her side. With expert fingers he kneaded her perfectly shaped breasts until the nipples hardened to a state of extreme sensitivity. Louise's eyes followed Nick's erotic movements as he slid down until he was between her legs. Louise jerked as if an electric shock had passed through her body as Nick's tongue licked at her clitoris, a little bud swollen with desire. Moaning incoherently through tight lips, Louise felt Nick's fingers upon her nipples, twisting, pinching and pulling, sending tremors of desire through her. She knew she was going to climax soon, real soon. Suddenly, Louise felt an intrusion between her buttocks. It was Nick's finger! She tried to wriggle away from him. Nick pressed down firmly with his hand onto her chest keeping her still. Lifting his head from between her legs, he spoke, "Stay still, it will not hurt too much Louise" Nick returned to the task in hand, licking and flicking his tongue at her pussy. Louise felt her body tense it's muscles, she tried not to move too much as Nick had requested. Despite not being touched there before. Louise discovered she was getting more and more aroused, the further Nick inserted his finger into her anus. Pushing her hips up to meet his thrusting movements, the licking and nibbling at her clit, was driving Louise insane with desire. Louise forgot everything, nothing except the waves of pleasure that were sweeping her into a new and erotic realm. This was pleasuring such, as she had never read about.
Louise felt an unbearable tension as Nick's tongue continued to move in and out of her now wet pussy. He licked and sucked at the slippery pleasure bud presented to him. His finger still probing deep into her little arse hole. Nick inserted two fingers into her wet pussy to lubricate them, then returned both fingers into her tight arse hole. Louise let out a gasp of unexpected pleasure. Then she began moaning and groaning with sheer pleasure, her body twisting and gyrating with the onslaught of her orgasm. Nick needed no further encouragement as he removed his fingers, he sat back on his legs.
"Turn over Louise, I want you from behind!" Louise rolled herself over onto her stomach.
"Get up on your knees" Nick instructed her.
She raised herself up onto her knees, resting on her elbows. With one hand Nick grabbed her left hip to keep her still. His cock was throbbing, it was so hard the veins pushed against the skin they were in-cased in. Inserting his cock into her wet pussy, he watched it go in and out. With each stroke he could see as his cock came out that Louise's juices were appearing on it. White and creamy all over his hard cock. Nick was getting very excited thrusting into this virgin territory, he knew Louise had never had a cock before. This fired his excitement further. So much so he pulled his cock out, well lubricated with her juices, he smeared it over the rosebud opening of her anus. Teasing the tip slowly into it, until the whole helmet went in. Louise bucked at this, realising what was intended, but before she could ready herself for the expected onslaught, she felt gentle fingers stroking her clitoris. Nick pushed his cock further into the tight little hole of her anus, while massaging her to a shattering climax. Nick reached forward grasped Louise's dangling breasts and squeezed them hard as he pounded into her. The pain Louise was feeling merely fuelled the strength of her orgasm, as she cried out in ecstasy.
Nick's breathing quickened as he was about to reach his climax, still pounding at her tight arse hole he shot all his cum high up inside her. Holding firmly onto Louise's hips he thrust deeper into her. Just before the last drop of spunk left his hard cock, he pulled it out and looking down at it he took it in his right hand and continued to stroke the last few spurts over her buttocks. Smearing it into her skin he collapsed on top of her, they lay there for a while letting their breathing subside. He rolled along side of her, brushing her hair from her eyes and smiled, taking her flushed face in his hands he planted a kiss on her full moist lips. Louise smiled back.

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