Ridingboots fetish

Louise, Chapter 1, That Was an Order

This was another hard day ahead for Louise, after all it was her first proper job, exercise riding and cleaning out the stables at a local stud farm. Something she always wanted to do from an early age, then hopefully get enough experience to run her own Stud Farm. The owner’s seem to be pleased with her abilities. She was eager to please them both, although Mrs Sterling the owner’s wife, acted strangely the other day with Louise, giving her orders, inspecting her work closely, making criticism whenever possible. Louise tried to put this to the back of her mind, getting stuck into her work, starting with the first section of stables, which housed five of the stud horses. After moving Pablo into a vacant stable to give her more room, she started to clear away the old straw from the night before, forking it into the wheelbarrow. She was wearing her usual attire, black riding boots, jodhpurs her favourite white T-shirt with a motto printed on the front, ‘Good Girls use a Whip’.

Time was getting on, Louise had managed most of the tasks required of her, it was now coming up to lunch time, she took her leave and made her way up to the house. After being in the kitchen for a short while, Cavendish the hired help came in to inform Louise that Mrs Sterling wished to see her back down at the stables. Louise sighed, wondering what she had done now, she felt the first stirrings of fear swallowed hard, looking at Cavendish with wide eyes, she heard him say “You should go, Madam does not like to be kept waiting”.

Still Louise hesitated, but she knew she must go to her, there would be hell to pay if she did not. On arrival Louise found Mrs Sterling in one of the spare stables that was awaiting the arrival of a new stud horse due that day. Dressed in the same attire as Louise herself, Mrs Sterling looked immaculate, arousing sexual feelings again within Louise, she smiled slowly, noticing that Mrs Sterling was brandishing a horse whip. Mrs Sterling spoke in a husky voice, that excited Louise no end. “There is no need to be afraid Louise. If you are a good girl. Madam can be a very good mistress”.

Confused, Louise let herself be magnetised by this woman before her. Louise knew she would be a good girl. “I’ve been watching you Louise, and I do like what I see, the form of your body while riding my horses excite me to unbelievable heights you could only dream of”. Louise could not believe her own ears, is this woman, her Boss, trying to seduce her, right now in the very stables where she worked. Mrs Sterling moved closer to Louise, brushing the riding whip against her thigh, her lips so close to Louise’s ear she could feel her breathe. Mrs Sterling whispered “I want you, here and now, this will be our little secret” She stepped away slightly, looking at Louise’s face, she was such a young pretty girl that needed an experienced woman like herself to show her the joys of womanhood. The air was electrified with sexual emotions. Both woman could feel this. Louise said in an almost hushed voice “I will do anything to please you Mrs Sterling, I want to keep my job here at your stables”. “Good, then we will get along famously, if you do as I request from time to time” Mrs Sterling said in response to Louise’s eagerness. “and you can start right away” she added.

“Right I am going to teach you about rope and what it can be used for! Get on your knees”.

Louise stared blankly at her Employer, who merely inclined her head to the floor at her feet. Slowly Louise, knelt down.
“Now put your hands behind your back!”
Louise simply looked at her. Impatiently, Mrs Sterling stamped her foot.
“That was not a request! That was an order!” “You’ll do well to do as your told”

Frightened, yet unwillingly fascinated, Louise complied, when Mrs Sterling instructed her to turn around first putting the rope on the floor and then linking her hands behind her back. Mrs Sterling picked up the rope off the floor and walked behind the trembling girl. Louise’s nipples sprang to attention as she felt the roughness of the rope against her skin. Mrs Sterling was tying her hands together! She grunted as the rope was tied off very tightly, but she didn’t dare to look around. This was one of her fantasies! But to be tied up in such circumstances…and by a woman? She had always imagined it would be by a man dominating her in this way, but was no denying the hardness of her nipples and the wetness between her legs. Mrs Sterling was still behind her. Feeling the tightness of the rope being wrapped around her arms and, looking down, she could see the rope as it was bound across her sensitive breasts.

“You see my dear, rope has many uses. It can be used to tie someone up or to keep them quiet!”

Without warning, Louise felt the thick rope wedged between her lips and tied off tightly behind her head. The only noise that could escape from her mouth was a low muffled moan.

“Oh, don’t worry my dear, we are far enough away from the house, no one can hear you, we are all alone!”

Those words that she heard should have terrified Louise, but instead they only made her shiver with delicious pleasure. Mrs Sterling came around to the front of Louise, and squatted before her.

“Now you listen to me, you little slut! I’ve tried to be nice and teaching you properly, but it doesn’t work. You won’t learn, and I am here to make sure that you do learn. There is another use for this riding crop…which I shall explain to you”

Whipping the riding crop against the palm of her hand. She stood over Louise, the poor girl had to strain to look up at her, as the ropes were severely hampering her movements.

“As nothing else seems to work on you, my sweet girl, I am going to have to whip some sense into you. I think forty strokes should do….for a start, anyway” Mrs Sterling, her Boss looked down at Louise’s breasts. “I see the idea has some merit in your eyes? Well, perhaps you won’t think so by the time I have finished beating you!”

She bent down and inserted her fingers into the tops of Louise’s jodhpurs. Finding no hampering underwear, she was able to slip her intruding fingers straight into the girl’s sodden slit. “Mmm. Perhaps you can make feel a little better later on….after your beating of course”

Louise grunted in protest as Mrs Sterling removed her deliciously intruding fingers. She stepped behind Louise, pushed her roughly to the floor, Louise’s face hit the freshly bedded straw of the stable floor, she was now on her stomach. Pulling down her jodhpurs, showing the whiteness of Louise’s helplessly exposed buttocks.

“What a nice smooth whiteness, Well we will have to change the colour of those for you, won’t we?”

The rope was now cutting into Lousies’ flesh through her skimpy clothes, tightening even more so as she moved on the straw bedding. Moaning with discomfort, but knowing there was no escape for her, she would just have to take whatever Mrs Sterling was dishing out!. Besides which, she could not deny she was aroused by it all.

Thwack! Came the first stroke from the riding crop upon her vulnerable bottom, this made Louise bite into the rope that stifled her cries. As the pain ran through her body, she felt gentle fingers inserting themselves into her slit, teasing her engorged clitoris. She relaxed, but not before a second stroke whipped across her buttocks, raging a fire upon her flesh. The fingers inside her alleviated the pain briefly, stirred her sexual excitement. She writhed on the floor, both with pain and excitement, as again the thwacking sound of the riding crop whipped through the air and landed with precision across her now red buttocks.

Tears filled her eyes, as the procession of strokes from the riding crop hit upon her bottom again and again, but she still managed to rub herself against the floor of the stable trying to give herself relief for her aroused nipples and clitoris.

“Oh no you don’t!” Mrs Sterling’s voice was sharp and edged with something else. It was thick with passion for this girl lying on the floor. She ran across to the other side of the stable, retrieving more rope she quickly returned to tie Louise’s knees and ankles, her face was lit with a cruel smile as she pulled the knots tightly, making her captive whimper. “I decide when you receive pleasure, you little bitch! Such decisions are not yours to make!”
Louise was helpless and unable to struggle now that all of her limbs were securely bound, she could only continue to wait to see what her Mistress had in store for her. It was not long in coming; in fact her Mistress seemed to take inordinate pleasure in raining down as many hard blows upon her recalcitrant pupil, so much so that she was panting with every fresh blow. Louise’s buttocks were on fire, she would not have been surprised to see that blood had been drawn. She lay on the straw floor, which was beginning to hurt her face, whimpering helplessly into the rope that gagged her so efficiently. Amazingly, she felt her desire rise with every single blow to her buttocks, secretly wishing it would never end. Then to her surprise, she was being turned onto her side with gentle hands.
“Oh, my poor darling, how you have suffered, but you know that you needed to be punished, don’t you?”
Louise nodded. She had deserved it.
“I’m afraid you poor little bottom is going to be very sore with a mass of bruises. You are going to find it difficult to sit down. Now I am going to take the gag off, you won’t scream will you?” Lousie shook her head. She had no intention of screaming. All she wanted was relief from the delicious pleasure that had built up inside her. The rope was pulled out of her mouth, but the other ropes remained tied. Mrs Sterling obviously had no immediate intention of releasing Louise.
“My little darling, we will have so much fun now” she slipped her fingers into Lousie’s wetness. “You’re ready for it, aren’t you?”
Louise nodded.

“Please, I would like-“
Mrs Sterling made a shushing noise and placed her fingers over her captive’s lips. “No my darling, you will have to beg for it. I want to hear you beg”
“Please Mrs Sterling, I beg you to pleasure me, please”
“Please what?”
“Please, Mistress”
“And if I do, what will you do for me?”
“Please, Mistress. I will do anything for you…..anything at all.”
“That’s nice, my darling. You have been so disobedient, haven’t you?”
“Yes Mistress, I have”
Mrs Sterling smiled, crouching down in front of Louise, she slapped the girl hard across her face.
“So you think that what I’m doing now is what you deserve, is that right, my darling?”
She slapped her again. Louise’s eyes filled with tears, but she blinked them away.
“Yes, Mistress, I deserve it”
Mrs Sterling smiled and pressed her hand over Louise’s mouth. Without warning, she slapped her hard across her abused buttocks. Louise could only give out a muffled scream. She did deserve this. She knew she did. Despite the pain she was experiencing, her clitoris pulsated, demanding this woman’s attention. Knowingly, Mrs Sterling reached between the bound knees and stroked its wetness. Louise moaned and moved her head. Mrs Sterling slapped her again, to Louise every new stroke seemed harder, causing fresh pain to already abused flesh.
“You have to be a good little girl and do what I tell you. I didn’t say you could move your head like that, did I?”
Louise shook her head, her eyes begging her Mistress to ease her torment. At last, the fingers returned to their quest. Mrs Sterling kept her hand pressed over Louise’s mouth as she plunged her fingers deep inside her, smiling with the ease at which her fingers were able to gain access.
“You’ve never had it with a woman before have you my little girl?”
In the throes of her ecstasy, Louise shook her head.
“I don’t expect you’ve ever had it with a man either?”
Again Louise shook her head.
“It doesn’t matter, my little girl. You’ll find that it’s so much better with a woman. Only a sister can know exactly what your little nubbin requires.”
She watched Louise’s excited wriggling. She concentrated on the girl’s clitoris, expertly massaging and kneading, knowing exactly when to move and how much pressure to exert. She liked being in control. She liked the knowledge of knowing that she could give pleasure, or apply pain to this girl, as and when she chose. She thought, this one is a natural submissive. She was born to it. She liked being tied up and she liked being beaten and, Mrs sterling felt for sure, when she surrendered her virginity, it would not be to any man. A pity she couldn’t deal with the girl’s deflowering herself, but time was getting on and she had her own pleasure to think about. The increased moisture on her fingers and the frenzied murmuring behind her other hand told her that Louise had achieved her satisfaction. She smiled as she withdrew her fingers noting the creamy wetness, she sucked at them greedily. She removed her hand from across Louise’s mouth.
“Now, my darling it is your Mistresses turn. I am going to teach you how to put that pretty mouth to good use!”
Mrs Sterling straightened herself up, standing over Louise, she began to untie the restricting ropes. Once Louise was free of the bound rope, she relaxed her shoulders slightly to release some of the tension that had built up. “You will now give me pleasure! First you will take my riding boots off.”
In saying this, Louise watched as Mrs Sterling walked over to the bales of straw that were stacked in a corner of the stable, and sat down. Her right booted leg was raised, “Don’t just stand there girl, get over here and remove my boots!” Louise rushed over to where her Mistress was, kneeling before her, she did as she was told. After taking off her Mistresses black riding boots, Louise leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on her Mistresses hips. She wanted to kiss her. Mrs Sterling sensed this already. With a swift movement of her hand she slapped Louise full across the face.

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